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Not Just Getting By, but Flourishing!

Take back your body - find alternative ways to create a healthy and beautiful life.


I am Jan Johnson. My journey into health and wellness started years ago, back in college.

Booty, Mind and Soul

I had been living a mostly healthy lifestyle. I worked out, ate well, slept as much as I could and then everything in my world fell apart.

I ended up in ICU with a blood clot. I was told I was lucky to be alive and it was probably because of my workout and eating habits. I went on a mission to find a way to 1.Not die, and 2. Heal my body through food and thin my blood naturally.

Booty, Mind and Soul Experience

Booty, Mind and Soul Experience

I have developed a series of courses, Booty, Mind and Soul, to help women achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles that serve as alternatives to medication.

With the help of these courses I want to let women experience the same healthy life I have enjoyed. I want to help women looking to get pregnant, and help women after pregnancy to get their body back.

Booty, Mind and Soul

My Courses Are Designed to Help You

My Courses Are Designed to Help You
  • Achieve a healthy balance to get pregnant.
  • Get your body back after being pregnant.
  • Recover from major health issues.

My wellness journey had been a whole body experience. It had been a Booty, Mind and Soul experience! I’ve healed myself from the inside out. I’d love to help you do the same.

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