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Embracing Chaos

Today my horoscope said we are in the midst of a Full Moon energy force and that we are receiving more cosmic downloads than usual. “This time of year is a whirlwind but instead of freaking out about the hurricane, why don’t you dive right in the middle of it?”*

I had to pause when I read that. Dive right in?

Dive right in?

Dive right in!

When I thought about it, the thought made me tense. But, why not do exactly that?
If I dive right into the chaos, two things will certainly happen.

  1. It’s going to cause stress – I already am incredibly stressed at the thought of all I have to do. No big difference there.
  2. I’m going to get some of these things done that are making me freak out.
Sometimes our “to do” list is so large it feels overwhelming to start. That’s where I was finding myself at the beginning of the day. So what to do? I can either take the advice given or just wait and hope that the list will magically take care of itself. I bet you know what I’m talking about. We convince ourselves that no action is less stressful somehow. But realistically we know it creates more chaos and more stress and less sleep. So I’m diving in. I’m making one list and not misplacing it. I’m creating a list on my phone on my Notes app. But you can use whatever system works best. If you need to write it down on paper or have a different app, use that. But make a list and prioritize it. Do that thing that is causing the most stress first. Really. DO THAT FIRST. That should be one of the commandments. Maris Peer, the world famous hypnotist, says to do what you dislike first. “You’ll be glad the rest of the day.”**It works. It makes the rest of the “to do’s” so much easier.

If you are not able to muster the energy to do that big thing, then start small. My mom says start in one corner. Look at that and fix that one thing first and then you will be able to move on from there. It could be cleaning a corner. It could be doing the dishes. It could be sending an email with the address to the party you are having this weekend. (Hint, hint!) Just start.

That’s what I did. I took Mom’s advice and got started.

Now, midway through the day, I feel so much lighter. I still feel overwhelmed but I am ticking off those things that need to be done and starting to see some light. Either way, the day will come when everything is due. I might as well get it done a little each day instead of stressing in the 24th hour.
I hope this helps. Now get off of the internet and get things done!

Here’s to your health!
*Horoscopes from

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